RCAWD FTX Outlaw upgrades Differential spider Gear

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4pcs metal Differential Bevel Gear B for rc hobby model car 1-10 VRX Octane VETTA Karoo FTX Outlaw upgraded hop-up parts 
Replacement of Parts# 10129, VTAS01021/FTX6232.
This is a pack of four replacement big Differential Bevel Gears. These are the larger sun gears used in the front and rear differential.
This package includes enough gears to service two differentials.
Compatible with:
1,brand name: VRX/River Hobby, item number: RH1043 model: OCTANE XL EBD,type: desert buggy
2,brand name: VRX/River Hobby, item number: RH1045 model: OCTANE XL EBL,type: desert buggy
3, brand name: Vetta Racing, item number: VTAC01002 model: Karoo 1/10 ,type: desert truck
4,brand name: FTX, item number:FTX5570, model: OUTLAW 1/10 brushed,,type: desert buggy
5,brand name: FTX, item number:FTX5571, model: OUTLAW 1/10 brushless,,type: desert buggy

Package Include:
4pcs DiffBevel Gear Big
Note: Check your specific model's manual for compatibility,or Contact us.

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