If you are an offline RC hobby store, online RC hobby eCommerce, RC hobby dealer or do business about RC, welcome to become RCAWD authorized dealer


Why Choose RCAWD?

1. Dealer discount, promise you enough big profit;
2. Plentiful promotion gift;
3. Flexible MOQ;
4. Professional technology support.
5. No mandatory initial fee.
What should the dealers do?
1. Show our brand products on your web and social net.
2. Promote our brand, and protect our brand image.
3. Share our brand products photos with us.
4. Protect retail price together.
How to apply RCAWD's dealer?
1.Fill in your information 
2.Send application email to us 
3. After checking your information, we authorize to you.

Please send email and fill the following information

1.Company information: include company name, address, Zip, phone number, website
2.Contact person name
3.Company type: Retail store/E-store/Brand distributor
4.Sale way: online/offline
5.If you do online business, show us your platform (eBay, Amazon,webstore link...) 
6. If you do offline business, show tell your retail store address and service area,
please. Send email to or support@rcawd.com
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