RCAWD Redcat Volcano upgrades Alloy steering hub/C-hub/rear hub carrier set

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Alloy steering hub/C-hub/rear hub carrier set for 1-10 Redcat racing Volcano Lightning Tornado cars hopups upgrade parts

Replacement of factory Parts#02013 02014 02015 02132P 02131P 02130P 102010 102011 102012 102210 102211 102212
Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened alloy 6061-T6
The lightweight aluminum alloy material is durable and improves the overall performance of the steering hub carrier/C-hub/rear hub carrier
Aside from the great looks, aluminum alloy will not flex as much as plastic under stress or during high ambient temperatures. 

Compatible with: 
brand name:  Redcat Racing, HSP 
Redcat Racing Lightning EP Drift, Lightning EPX PRO, Lightning STK, Lightning STR, Sandstorm, Sandstorm TK, Shockwave, Tornado Epx/epx PRO, Volcano Epx/epx PRO, Vortex Epx/epx PRO 
ExceedRC 1/10 Scale EP SunFire Infinitive
HSP 94111 / 94111Pro / 94108 / 94107 / 94107Pro / 94106 / 94123 / 91423Pro / 94101 / 94102 / 94103 / 94103Pro / 94105 / PACESETTER / SONIC / XEME / STORMER / WARHEAD / XSTR Pro / TYRANNOSAURUS / BRONTOSAURUS Pro / TRIBESHEAD / Flying Fish Pro
HSP vehicle item No.: 94111 94101 94102 94103 94123 94105 94106 94108
Package Include:
Alloy steering hub carrier(pair), C-hub carrier(pair), rear hub carrier(pair), 
Pan head screws 3*10mm 4pcs,
Bushings 4pcs,
Pan head screws 3*12mm 8pcs,
Body clips 4pcs,
3*8*0.5mm washers 6pcs,
5*10*4mm ball bearings 4pcs,
10*15*4mm ball bearings 4pcs,
Note:Check your specific model's manual for compatibility,or Contact us.


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