RCAWD Axial UTB18 Capra upgrades brass weighted hex hub set hex weights 268g total D2-AXI212015Y

Style: 4pcs
Sale price$36.99


4x CNC machined brass weighted hex hub set, hex weights 268g total for 1/18 Axial UTB18 Capra trail buggy crawlers D2-AXI212015Y

Replacement of Parts# AXI212015;D2-AXI212015Y
Compatible with: 
brand name: Horizon Axial,  item number: 
AXI01002T1  1/18 UTB18 Capra 4WD Unlimited Trail Buggy RTR, Black
AXI01002T2  1/18 UTB18 Capra 4WD Unlimited Trail Buggy RTR, Grey
Material : brass
Package Include:
With 2*10 pins  x4 
Note:Check your specific model's manual for compatibility,or Contact us.

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