RCAWD Axial Upgrades Graphite Carbon Chassis Rail for Scx10 Pro RC Truck

Colors: Black
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RCAWD Axial Upgrades Graphite Carbon Chassis Rail for Scx10 Pro RC Truck AXI231053BL


  • Lowering the center of gravity: The LCG frame can distribute the vehicle's mass closer to the ground, which helps improve the vehicle's stability when climbing or driving and reduces the possibility of rollover
  • Improved maneuverability: A low center of gravity can make the vehicle more stable when turning and reduce the risk of rollover, thereby showing better maneuverability on complex roads
  • Carbon fiber material: Carbon fiber material has high strength and lightweight characteristics, which can reduce the total weight of the vehicle while maintaining the rigidity of the frame, which helps to improve the vehicle's power performance and acceleration performance
  • High Durability and Stiffness: Carbon fiber is not only light and strong, it also has very good wear and corrosion resistance, which makes the frame more durable and able to maintain its structural integrity under harsh driving conditions
  • Thermal stability: Carbon fiber materials have good dimensional stability at different temperatures, which helps maintain the performance of the frame and remain stable even in environments with changing temperatures.

Compatible with:

  • AXI03028     Axial SCX10 Pro 4WD 1:10 Scale Truck

Package Include:

  • Graphite Carbon Chassis Rail *2

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