RCAWD ARRMA 3s 4s Upgrades Diff case set Aluminum alloy ARA311154R

Color: Red
Sale price$21.99


Aluminum alloy Diff case set for 1-10 ARRMA 3s&Mega550 Typhon Infraction Big RockV3 Vorteks Granite Senton Vendetta 4s Kraton&Outcast

  • Replacement of Parts# ARA311154R
  • Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened alloy 6061-T6
  • The lightweight aluminum alloy material is durable and improves the overall performance of the diff case set,
  • Aside from the great looks, aluminum alloy will not flex as much as plastic under stress or during high ambient temperatures. 
  • This alloy Diff Case Set is precision manufactured from high-quality 
  • materials.
  • Precision manufactured for accurate fit of differential parts
  • High-quality material for long-lasting durability
  • Diff case gasket and assembly screws included

Compatible with: 

  • ARA4203V3   1/10 SENTON 4WD V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Short Course Truck RTR
  • ARA102715   1/10 SENTON MEGA 550 Brushed 4WD Short Course Truck RTR
  • ARA102714   1/10 GRANITE MEGA 550 Brushed 4WD Monster Truck RTR
  • ARA4202V3   1/10 GRANITE 4WD V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Monster Truck RTR
  • ARA102723   1/10 BIG ROCK CREW CAB 3S BLX 4WD Brushless Monster Truck with Spektrum RTR
  • ARA4312V3   1/10 BIG ROCK 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Monster Truck RTR
  • ARA102721    1/10 SENTON 3S BLX 4WD Brushless Short Course Truck with Spektrum RTR
  • ARA102720    1/10 GRANITE 3S BLX 4WD Brushless Monster Truck with Spektrum RTR
  • ARA4302V3    1/10 GRANITE 4WD V3 3S BLX Brushless Monster Truck RTR
  • ARA102690    1/10 KRATON 4WD 4S BLX Brushless Monster Truck with Spektrum RTR
  • ARA102692    1/10 OUTCAST 4WD 4S BLX Brushless Stunt Truck with Spektrum RTR
  • ARA4410V2    1/10 OUTCAST 4X4 4S V2 BLX Stunt Truck RTR
  • ARA4408V2    1/10 KRATON 4X4 4S V2 BLX Speed Monster Truck RTR

Package Include:

  • 1 x Diff Case
  • 1 x Diff Case Cap
  • 1 x Diff Case Gasket
  • 4 x M3 x 16mm Flat Head Screw

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