RCAWD ECX upgrade parts Alloy Rear Shock Absorber 112mm ECX1096

color: Yellow
Sale price$16.99


Replacement of Parts#ECX1096
Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened top quality aluminum alloy 7075,
The lightweight aluminum alloy material is durable and improves the overall performance of the shock absorber
Available in blue, red, black, yellow colour,

These are fully made from top quality 7075 aluminum alloy, and other top quality parts, are ready for installation.

Compatible with:
brand name: Horizon ECX, item number: ECX03430T1.T2 ECX03056 ECX03431T1.T2 ECX03055 ECX03028T1.T2 ECX03029T1.T2 ECX03314 ECX03048T1.T2 ECX03354 ECX03034 model: Ruckus/Axe/Brutus/Circuit/AMP MT/AMP DB/AMP CRUSH/K&N Torment 2WD,type: desert buggy, monster truck, short course...

Material:7075 Aluminum Alloy
Color: blue, red, black, yellow colour,

Package Include:
2pcs top quality 7075 aluminum alloy -112MM high notch rear shock absorber

Note: Check your specific model's manual for compatibility,or Contact us.

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