RCAWD Losi Mini-B Mini-T upgrades Bulkhead Brace LOS211011

Color: Red
Sale price$21.99


2x Machined alloy FR Bulkhead/FR Brace, Left/Right for Losi 1-16 mini-B 1-18 mini-T 2WD RC car 

Replacement of Parts# LOS211011
Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened alloy 6061-T6
The lightweight aluminum alloy material is durable and improves the overall performance of the FR Bulkhead/FR Brace, Left/Right
Aside from the great looks, aluminum alloy will not flex as much as plastic under stress or during high ambient temperatures. 
These upgrades for your Losi  vehicle are made of high quality aluminum, which both increase durability and make for a more 
precise suspension

Compatible with: 
brand name: Losi,  item number:  
LOS01016           1/16 Mini-B 2WD Buggy Brushed RTR, Blue/White
LOS01015           1/18 Mini-T 2.0 2WD Stadium Truck Brushed RTR, Red/White
LOS01025           1/16 Mini-B Pro 2WD Buggy Roller
LOS01019           1/18 Mini-T 2.0 2WD Stadium Truck Brushless RTR, Red

Package Include:
FR Bulkhead/FR Brace, Left/Right x1 
2.5mm ball studs x2
Pan head hex sccew 2*6mm x4
M2 locknut x1

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