RCAWD ECX 2WD upgrade 20T 48P Pinion Gear Set ECX3018

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Product Description

Replacement of Parts#ECX3018, the original one is die casting normal powder metallurgy material, this is not even a real steel, but ours is machined from high quality #45 steel, and added with a L hex wrench,

Compatible with:
Fits 1/8” (3.17mm) Shaft Size Motors
And ECX brand,
ECX03004, ECX03005, ECX03024, ECX03025, ECX03028T1, ECX03028T2, ECX03029T1, ECX03029T2, ECX03032T1, ECX03032T2, ECX03034, ECX3000, ECX3000S, ECX3100, ECX3100S, ECX4000, ECX4000S, ECX4100, ECX4100S
Material: #45 high quality steel

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