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RCAWD Axial SCX10 Upgrade Parts Full Kits

RCAWD Axial SCX10 Upgrade Parts Full Kits

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RCAWD Alloy CNC DIY Upgrades Parts For 1/10 Axial SCX10

Compatible with: Axial SCX10


  • Axial SCX10 motor mount SCX0041
  • Axial SCX10 540 motor transmission gear box set SCX0043
  • Axial SCX10 front drive shaft SCX0042
  • Axial SCX10 locknut SCX0036
  • Axial SCX10 differential direct axis SCX0034
  • Axial SCX10 shock gasket SCX0037
  • Axial SCX10 front shock tower SCX0011
  • Axial SCX10 rear shock tower SCX0012
  • Axial SCX10 front support bar set SCX0005
  • Axial SCX10 drag link SCX0009
  • Axial SCX10 body mount SCX0015
  • Axial SCX10 gear box shell SCX0013
  • Axial SCX10 rear hub carrier SCX0014
  • Axial SCX10 c hub carrier SCX0002
  • Axial SCX10 rear support bar set SCX0004
  • Axial SCX10 steering knuckles hub carrier SCX0001
  • Axial SCX10 16x8x5mm ball bearing SCX0021
  • Axial SCX10 front rear shocks SCX0018
  • Axial SCX10 11x5x4mm ball bearing SCX0023
  • Axial SCX10 CVD drive shaft SCX0016
  • Axial SCX10 wheel hex hub SCX0017
  • Axial SCX10 front the beam SCX0026
  • Axial SCX10 girder fitting SCX0027
  • Axial SCX10 the girder wave the bottom SCX0024
  • Axial SCX10 beam former panels support SCX0025
  • Axial SCX10 side collision the pedal SCX0030
  • Axial SCX10 gear set SCX0033
  • Axial SCX10 front bumper SCX0028
  • Axial SCX10 rear bumper SCX0029
  • Axial SCX10 15x10x4mm ball bearing SCX0020
  • Axial SCX10 shocks mount SCX0022
  • Axial SCX10 rear drive shaft SCX0032