RCAWD FTX Outlaw Alloy Rear CVD driveshaft

color: Red
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Product Description

Replacement of Parts# 10980, VTAS01166, FTX8305/FTX8305S;

Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened alloy 6061-T6, and the core center part and cup is in #45 steel;

This is an optional Steel Rear Central CVD Set. In respect to the stock plastic CVD, this optional Steel upgrade will better withstand the long haul of R/C running, providing extended durability and continued performance.
Available in blue, green, red, yellow, silver, black, titanium color,

Compatible with:
1,brand name: VRX/River Hobby, item number: RH1043 model: OCTANE XL EBD,type: desert buggy
2,brand name: VRX/River Hobby, item number: RH1045 model: OCTANE XL EBL,type: desert buggy
3, brand name: Vetta Racing, item number: VTAC01002 model: Karoo 1/10 ,type: desert truck
4,brand name: FTX, item number:FTX5570, model: OUTLAW 1/10 brushed,,type: desert buggy
5,brand name: FTX, item number:FTX5571, model: OUTLAW 1/10 brushless,,type: desert buggy

Color: blue, green, red, yellow, silver, black, titanium color,
Package Include:
2pcs Steel Rear Central CVD Shaft Rear Half - Steel Cup

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