AX24 or SCX24? and AX24 upgrade parts recommend!

Recently, Axial launched a new generation of mini rock crawler, the AX24 XC-1, which features four-wheel steering, higher ground clearance, longer shock travel, larger tires, and better crawling performance. However, upon disassembly, you will find that many of its parts are compatible with the SCX24. The original axles of the AX24 are relatively light, and the tires are larger. By increasing the weight of these parts, its climbing performance can be further improved. 

Here, we recommend a very popular SCX24 portal axle system

2 sets full brass front portal axle to fit your AX24 4WS

RCAWD Axial SCX24 upgrades Full Brass Front Rear Portal Axle Increase Weight


or 2sets aluminium alloy+ brass front portal axle to fit your AX24

RCAWD full metal front CVD portal axle for 1/24 Axial SCX24 crawlers SCX2483


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