RCAWD CVD Rebuild Set for Arrma LIMITLESS ARA109011 ARA109001 Typhon 6s FELONY

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Product Description

2x CVD Rebuild Set for 1-7 Arrma ARA109011 ARA109001 ARA7617V2 ARA7615V2 Infraction Limitless Felony 6s Typhon
Replacement of Parts# ARAC3990S
Compatible with:
brand name: ARRMA, item number: ARA109011 ARA109001 ARA7617V2 ARA7615V2 ARA106046 ARA8606V5
1/7 LIMITLESS All-Road Speed Bash: Roller and 1/7 INFRACTION All-Road Street Bash 6S BLX with Spektrum RTR with AVC, 1/7 FELONY 6S BLX Street Bash All-Road Muscle Car RTR
6s Typhon
Material : #45 steel
Package Include:
CVD Rebuild Set

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