RCAWD Arrma 3S ball bearing 12x18x4mm for granite senton Typhon 4X4 BLX 3S ARA610044

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4x Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm 2RS  for  1-10 ARRMA 3s&Mega550 Vorteks Senton Granite Big Rock Typhon 


Replacement of Parts# ARA610044

- Made from Stainless Steel

- Highly corrosion resistant

- Metal Shielded

- Protects ball bearings from the elements

- Less rolling resistance than rubber sealed bearings

- Come 4 to a pack (unless otherwise noted) 


Compatible with: 

brand name: Arrma,  item number:   

3S Senton:ARA102721/ARA4203V3

3S Granite:ARA102720/ARA4302V3

Old 3S Big Rock:ARA102723, 

New 3S Big Rock: ARA4312V3,

3S Typhon:ARA102722/ARA4306V3

3S Vorteks: ARA4305V3 

brushed Senton:ARA102715/ARA4203V3

brushed Granite:ARA102714/ARA4202V3

brushed Typhon:ARA102694/ARA4206V3  

Material : Stainless Steel

Package Include:

4x Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm  

Note:Check your specific model's manual for compatibility,or Contact us.

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