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EZRUN Combo for 1/18 Car (A Series)

EZRUN Combo for 1/18 Car (A Series)

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Combo Type: EZRUN Combo A1

This combo is suitable for 1/18 and 1/16 scale on-road and off-road sports.

EZRUN Combo A1 & A2

EZRUN Series Brushless Power System For 1/18 or 1/16 Car
COMBO (ESC+Motor+LED Program Box_2C)

1    Specification

1.1  ESC:  EZRUN-18A, 1pc
1.2  Motor:  EZRUN-2030 brushless motor, 1pc
1.3  Program Tool: LED Program Card, 1pc

2    Power System Suggestions

Combo PN ESC             Main Application Main Application
A1             81030000 EZRUN 18A EZRUN 12T/2030 (7800KV) 1/18 on-road Sport
A2 81030010   EZRUN 18A EZRUN 18T/2030 (5200KV) 1/18 on-road /off road Sport
A3 81030130 Discontinued
A4 Plus 81030160P Discontinued

3    Features

3.1   Compatible with sensorless brushless motors.
3.2  Top quality components, high current endurance.
3.3   Excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
3.4   Plenty of programmable items. Suitable for various chassis, tires and race tracks. 
3.5   Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
3.6   Internal timing can be changed easily to make the ESC suitable for various motors.  
3.7   Easily programmed with the SET button, LED Program Box, Professional LCD Program Box and USB Link Software
3.8   ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter in the LCD Program Box.
3.9   Top quality motor: 
        Aluminum shell (case)
        High quality magnets
        Copper wires with high temperature endurance
        High quality bearings