RCAWD FCX24 Servo Upgrades complete set RC Servo Mounts & 1N Servo & Steering Links & 21T Servo Arm Set

Color: Red
Type: Full set


RCAWD FCX24 Servo Upgrades Complete Set RC Servo Mounts & 1N Servo & Steering Links & 21T Servo Arm Set D4-C3027


  • This steering kit offers improved aesthetics, a sturdy connection, responsive transmission, durability against wear and tear, and silky-smooth ball joints.
  • 【30% Higher Torque】Provides 30% more force than the original RC servo.

Compatible with: 

  • 1/24 FCX24 Series - for Smasher, K5 Blazer, Power Wagon, Lemur RTR;
  • 1/18 FCX18 Series - for LC80 Land Cruiser 80, Hilux RTR, ROCHOBBY Magnum, K10, FJ Cruiser, ROCHOBBY Cheyenne 6x6.

Full Set Package Include:

  • Black Metal Servo Mount + Steering Linkage + 1kg Full Metal Gear Servo (6pcs set)
  • 21T Metal Servo Arm Pan Head Hex Black M2.5*4MM Screw 1pc
  • Ball Head 4*5.2*2MM 4pcs
  • Pan Head Hex 2*10MM 4pcs, 2*6MM 2pcs, 2*14MM 1pc Black M2 Anti-loosening Nut 1pc
  • PH1.5 Conversion Cable 1pc


Without 1kg Servo Package Include: 

  • Servo Mount
  • Steering Linkage (3pcs set)
  • Ball Head 4*5.2*2MM (4pcs)
  • 4*1 Rubber Gasket (8pcs)
  • Pan Head Hex 2*10MM (4pcs), 2*6MM (2pcs), 2*14MM (1pc)


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