RCAWD steel front axle shaft for ECX 2WD series Ruckus Axe Brutus MT/AMP

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Product Description

2pcs #45 steel front axle shaft for rc hobby model car 1-10 ECX 2WD series upgraded hop-up parts
Replacement of Parts# ECX1035
Available in silver and black color,
These are fully made from #45 high quality steel, are ready for installation.
Compatible with:
brand name: Horizon ECX, item number: ECX03430T1.T2 ECX03056 ECX03431T1.T2 ECX03055 ECX03028T1.T2 ECX03029T1.T2 ECX03314 ECX03048T1.T2 ECX03354 ECX03034 model: Ruckus/Axe/Brutus/Circuit/AMP MT/AMP DB/AMP CRUSH/K&N Torment 2WD,type: desert buggy, monster truck, short course...
Material : #45 steel
Package Include:
2pcs #45 steel front wheel axle

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