RCAWD RedCat Blackout upgrades Aolly Rear Suspension Arm A-arm 2PCS

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Product Description

2x machined alloy front&rear suspension arm A-arm for rc car 1-10 RedCat BlackoutSC XTE XBE BSD Racing
Replacement of Parts# BS213-007
Hard-anodized colour,CNC machined PTFE-coated hardened alloy 6061-T6
The lightweight aluminum alloy material is durable and improves the overall performance of the front upper suspension arm
Aside from the great looks, aluminum alloy will not flex as much as plastic under stress or during high ambient temperatures.
machined CNC Alloy Aluminum, 6061-T6,
Compatible with:
Brand name: Redcat, BSD Racing
Item: RedCat BlackoutSC short-course, XTE Monster Truck, XBE Buggy, BSD Racing monster truck
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Package Include:
2x machined alloy front&rear suspension arm left and right

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