What is RTR RC vehicles?

What is RTR RC vehicles?

What is RTR vehicles? In the RC industry, a vehicle labeled "Ready-to-Run" often has a different meaning depending on the manufacturer, brand, or a product segment that item is positioned under. Questions like "does this model come with everything required in the box" or "are additional accessories required" leave customers confused and frustrated with a process that should, on the contrary, bring great joy and satisfaction. We are here to help!

In this edition of Horizon Insider, Kyle helps clarify the various definitions of Ready-to-Run (or RTR) and what it means to you, the customer. Plus, we offer up a couple helpful tips on how to shop for your next RTR model both online or at your local Horizon Hobby retailer!

RTR (Ready-to-Run) vehicles are pre-built RC vehicles that have been bound to a radio system (included with the vehicle). Some RTR vehicles come with everything needed to power the vehicle, including AA transmitter batteries, vehicle battery, and a suitable charger. Please note that depending on the brand and class of the RTR vehicle, some may require you to provide your own AA batteries, vehicle battery and/or a suitable charger. To be sure if any additional components are required to power your next RTR vehicle, please check the item’s product page under the "needed to complete" section.


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