RCAWD high strength Arrma Kraton 4S V2/ Outcast 4S V2 CVD Axles are coming soon!

Received many feedbacks from new edition Arrma 4S V2 users recently, they complained the Arrma 4s stock driveshaft is not enough tough, and many RC enthusiasts want stronger CVD for their new Kraton V2 or Outcast V2. As this, we developed these new design high strength CVD Axles for Arrma 4s.

These feature stronger, high-strength steel couplings and axles. The sliders are manufactured from more tough material and can bear a bigger impact.

Now, looking for reviewers to test them, Plz contact rcawdgk@gmail.com, if the following conditions is met:

1. Own Arrma 4S Kraton V2 or Outcat V2
2. More than 3000 followers on IG or more than 1000 followers on Youtube
3. Willing to promote RCAWD products

If yes, don't hesitate, contact us now rcawdgk@gmail.com

available until 31st OCT

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