rcawd scx24 new release - 2 speed motor


72T 130 motor, torque increased by 10% compared to the original, better climbing ability, supports shifting with the original remote controller.
Low-speed, neutral, and high-speed modes can be switched at will, improving crawling ability.Equipped with a shift servo, the gear ratio changes can provide more crawling ability, allowing the RC crawler to crawl steeper terrains.

rcawd 2 speed motor

The shift servo is connected to the receiver's AUX channel, requiring removal of the ESC mounting plate, battery mounting plate, and shock mounts for installation.
Full metal gearbox, enhances durability and reliability. Upgraded components usually use higher quality materials and more precise manufacturing processes, making the gearbox more durable and reliable.
Better driving stability. The upgraded bearings and transmission devices are smoother, which can make the vehicle more stable during high-speed driving.
Improved overall performance and handling. Compared to the original parts, upgraded components are typically more precisely balanced, providing more efficient energy transfer and better handling.
Equipped with: Slide Pedals 1pair; Front Shock Tower Mounts 1 pair ; Rear
Shock Tower Mounts 1 pair


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