RCAWD Axial SCX24 Chassis Suspension Upgrades

Axial SCX24 Chassis Suspension Upgrades vantage:

1:Metal Shocks: These metal shocks are designed to withstand high pressure and temperature, making them more durable and less prone to deformation compared to the stock shocks.

2:Aluminum Linkage: Our aluminum alloy linkage enhances overall performance, offering increased resistance to pressure and deformation compared to the stock linkage.

3:Metal Driveshafts: These metal driveshafts are built to be sturdier than the stock driveshafts, providing enhanced durability and reliability.

link:Axial SCX24 Shock Upgrades 

link:Axial SCX24 Upgrades High Clearance linkage toe link tie rod

link:Axial SCX24 Upgrade Parts Center Drive

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