Elevate Performance with Carbon Fiber: RCAWD Front Shock Tower for Losi Baja Rey Hammer Rey!

Dive into our step-by-step installation video for the RCAWD Front Shock Tower, tailored exclusively for the Losi Baja Rey Hammer Rey. Here's why this upgrade stands out:

Pure Carbon Fiber Material: Crafted using top-grade carbon fiber, this shock tower offers unparalleled strength and durability without compromising on elegance.

Lightweight Design Boosts Power: By reducing weight, the RCAWD shock tower ensures a notable uptick in overall power and agility of your model, making it speedier and more responsive.

Unmatched Impact Resistance: Prepare to conquer obstacles with confidence. Our shock tower's advanced design offers superior impact resistance, minimizing the risk of damage during high-speed races or intense off-road adventures. Your vehicle stays protected, ensuring uninterrupted fun.

Experience an unmatched performance boost and give your Losi Baja Rey Hammer Rey the treatment it deserves with RCAWD's top-tier upgrades. Happy racing!



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